Saturday, 15 April 2017

I'm not an early adopter, but I'm ahead of the curve, sometimes.

I have come to the conclusion that where I sit in the Technological landscape is a strange one, I am torn between past, present and cutting edge. Think of technological adoption as a bus, The driver is an early adopter, the middle of the bus are people who adopt things after they're mainstream (and have ended up on a morning talkshow as the Uber of xx) and then people at the back of the bus are those that have sticked to what they know and haven't changed.
In 2010 I was rocking a palm pilot for my calendar and as a virtual notepad, because unlike my "Smartphone" of the time, there wasn't any real way to sync calendar entries and I couldn't draw on it because touchscreens were not yet mainstream.
Today I still use a Mini Disc and a manual typewriter, I'm the first of my friends to download some apps and introduce them, but I'm not on reddit. I sit in a strange place.
I was marvelled recently at the simplicity and elegance of a jukebox, The unique way to solve a problem, that was really the only way to solve it without making Mix records. Think about the retro elegance, You couldn't put more songs on the same piece of vinyl, what could you do? Come up with a mechanical system that will move around the records and play them in the order you dictate or at random. Now that's just the "add to queue" button on Spotify.
I am not at any seat on the metaphorical bus, I am a child wandering up and down the aisle looking at the cool things, some of them are up the at the forefront of cutting edge, others are a unique solution to a problem that doesn't exist today.