Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Pushbullet and how it changed my life... Sort of

Let's say I just took a photo, but I want to get it to my computer, I can either plug my phone in and transfer it across, I can plug in my OTG and transfer the file onto a USB, I can email it to myself or I could push it to myself, cue Pushbullet theme music, if they have any.

Pushbullet is a service you can use to push information to your device over the internet.You can push files, blocks of text and links to your phone from your computer or to your computer from your phone.

While that's pretty convenient and handy, it also pushes notifications from your phone too, you just got an email to your gmail account? You can open it and reply to emails, Text messages and some instant messenger software. You also can control your notifications, so you might get a balloon on your computer when your phone is ringing, but not when you've got a new tinder match.

This app is amazing if you use your phone for more than just voice calls.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Welcome to the Turbonerd's Gadget blog.

This is the place where I will be posting all about my various gadgets, apps and how I make them work for me.