Thursday, 11 August 2016

App Recommendations...?

I have a Nexus 5X running Android, here's some apps I use regularly:

Zombies, Run
It's essentially a post apocalyptic radio drama fitness app. You are a runner and go on supply runs etc, and the story unfolds combined with a moody, broody dark and scary playlist, It gets me up off the couch and running.

A suite of tools for wireless phone management, from sending and downloading files, sending and reading text messages from your computer and a million other things that I don't use that it can do, it's a must do, whether you want to pull your photos from your holiday or just need to ring it because you can't remember where you left it.

Pocket casts
Not a free app, but an excellent one if you love your podcasts. It has a feature called, "episode filter" Which is almost like a smart playlist for your podcasts, you can customize filters and have a few of them. It can auto download and do all the clever things you would want in a podcast app.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Sleep Tech and how I've used Technology to sleep better

I work in an industry where starting at 10pm and getting home at sunrise are not uncommon, or working an 18 hour day is not unusual. As a result, my sleeping habits and patterns aren't really a pattern or habit, especially during the busier season. Here are some tools I use to sleep, and truth be told, they have probably changed my life.

Sleep with me podcast available from or your preferred podcast app.

This podcast is little more than a man with a dull voice droning on about nothing in particular, it engages you in such a way it does not let your mind wander and get worked up about the things it usually would, but at the same time formulated to be about nothing in particular and put you to sleep. The first time I used it I remember putting it on, hearing the, "Support us on patreon message" and then waking up in the morning.

Binaural Beats available as mp3 downloads, apps and many more, find a solution that suits you.
Binaural beats are a phenomenon where you put a different tone or pitch in each ear and the difference in which causes the brain to modify it's operation because that is not a naturally occurring phenomenon and in doing so puts your brain in different states depending on the difference, sleep, wake, higher energy etc. I used to use them with a cheap bluetooth headband that would allow me to comfortably sleep while listening to binaural beats or podcasts.

Sleep Shepherd Blue available from
The Sleep Shepherd Blue is what I affectionately refer to as a sleep hat or headband that uses EEG sensors to read brain activity and the EEG readings then control binaural beats you listen to and it tracks, monitors and encourages deeper sleep and in the morning the readings can be downloaded to your phone via an app to monitor your sleeping habits long term.

These are the tools I use to better my sleep patterns and in a few short months, I've noticed a huge improvement, especially after crazy long days or hours that probably feel obscene to someone that doesn't work in the entertainment industry.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Things to do instead of Facebook...

If you're tired of spending time on social media, where time just disappears, and want to be that little bit more productive with your time, here's some suggestions on how to spend a few of those minutes.

  1. Do a few stretches, push ups, sit ups and maybe a spot of yoga if it's your thing. 
  2. Pick that book that you were reading, but haven't touched in ages back up, maybe start again if you don't remember where you're up to, repeat as necessary until the book is complete.
  3. Start a list of things you wish to know more about, and in subsequent sessions look up things on that list. 
  4. Look deeper into the mythology and symbolism of your favourite science fiction/fantasy shows or movies, and maybe even some crazy theories.
  5. Start a simple project, say you've wanted to experiment on an old phone with a custom rom.
  6. Build a playlist (or Mix CD) or a few, for different moods/times.
  7. Research that gadget or new purchase you've been thinking about and make sure you get the right one for your wants and needs.
  8. Have a nap.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

I've got the power!(Bank)

It's at this point I recommend you go to Youtube and listen to this dated gem here for the pun-tastic reference.

"Which powerbank right for me?" I hear you ask, You'll want something that is bigger than the onboard battery that the device has (probably around 3000mAh for a phone) which theoretically will give you from 0-100% and then a top up. You will want something with a 2.1 Amp or 2.4 Amp USB Socket. This is so your phone will charge quickly instead of just trickling to top it up, this is definitely important if you intend to continue using it for navigation, watching videos or playing music from a bluetooth speaker, which are highly draining on your battery. If you're on a budget I would suggest paying $30+ dollars from ebay for a 10000+mAh power bank.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Pushbullet and how it changed my life... Sort of

Let's say I just took a photo, but I want to get it to my computer, I can either plug my phone in and transfer it across, I can plug in my OTG and transfer the file onto a USB, I can email it to myself or I could push it to myself, cue Pushbullet theme music, if they have any.

Pushbullet is a service you can use to push information to your device over the internet.You can push files, blocks of text and links to your phone from your computer or to your computer from your phone.

While that's pretty convenient and handy, it also pushes notifications from your phone too, you just got an email to your gmail account? You can open it and reply to emails, Text messages and some instant messenger software. You also can control your notifications, so you might get a balloon on your computer when your phone is ringing, but not when you've got a new tinder match.

This app is amazing if you use your phone for more than just voice calls.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Welcome to the Turbonerd's Gadget blog.

This is the place where I will be posting all about my various gadgets, apps and how I make them work for me.